Safflower Oil And Your Health

The safflower is a pretty little thing, but if you see one, don't kick it or eat it raw. You may not know it, but this flower has health benefits your body needs. And it won't be your friend in need, it you treat it badly. If you're taking a walk in the desert or other places where flowers grow, the safflower makes its appearance on an annual basis and are easily spotted. This thistle-like plant has many branches but not many uses except for its oil. Lucky for you, the safflower oil is very valuable and is extracted from the seeds. Years ago these seeds were primarily used for one thing: dyes! But ever since the days of Greek and Egyptians cultures, safflower has made its mark when it comes to health.

The Seeds Are The Answer

Vegetable oil is one of the primary results of the safflower plant. Since not all vegetable oils are healthy for your body, the safflower oil is an excellent replacement for other less healthy oils. Here is a short list of the health benefits of safflower oil:

* Heart Health: Safflower oil is loaded with omega-6 fatty acids which is a benefit your body requires. It keeps your cholesterol in check.

* Diabetes: Omega-6 in safflower oil will manage your blood sugar.

* Obesity:: Overweight people have turned to safflower oil that helps you lose weight without making too many changes in your diet.

* Hair And Skin Health: Safflower oil is rich in olcic acid that's beneficial for your scalp and keeps your hair looking good. The linoleic acid in safflower oil fights acne and blackheads and generates new skin cells.

Note: Safflower seed oil is safe when taken by mouth. For pregnancy and young children, seek advice from a professional. For more ideas click on cla safflower oil.